In our association we'are all working volunteers , so we have no administrative costs. Only in this way we can ensure that 100% of the donations and contributions directly come to the needy children.

Are urgently needed:

All kind of food, milk or milk powder, fruit, vegetables
-currently can not even a regular meal a day are guaranteed!

Drugs against malaria, infectious diseases, worm infestations, vitamins, food supplements, building funds, materials for dressings, etc. - basically, everything

Equipment for beds, mattresses, mosquito nets, clothes

Urgent need would be a small scooter to bring healthy children back to their parents and to be able to conduct training "on site" in the villages. This is - in spite of expenses - at the very top priority to prevent additional diseases through preventive measures of the children.

Additional resources for care and education field work

We need your support

Through your donation you will help:

- Obtaining the above-listed article
- Alleviate the plight of children
- Save lives

Our bank account:

Sparkasse Offenburg / Ortenau
Account number:  488 26 94
Bank code:     664 500 50
Keywords: Donation to: Chance for Benin
Tax number 10053/25855 (Please specify)
The charitable status is being recognized temporary by the Tax-Office Lahr.

We thank all the supporters and contributors, especially those, who have supported us before the foundation was foundet.