Association "Chance for Benin"

§ 1 - Name and location of the association, fiscalyear.
1. The association bears the name of "chance for Benin."
2. The association is headquartered in Kippenheim.
3. The fiscal year is the calendar year.
4. The association shall be registered in the societies at the district Lahr.

§ 2 - Purpose and tasks of the association
1. Purpose of the association "Chance for Benin is primarily support for the Center for Nutrition in Possotomé / Benin for the purposes of financial assistance in obtaining adequate food and medical treatment. In the long run will serve to promote the development of the project and the training in terms of "help themselves". Purpose of the association continues to support development in Benin. This development includes the areas of:
- Health care,
- Vocational training for boys and girls,
- Improvement of agricultural structure, the economy and animal husbandry,
- Public relations in Germany through Benin and Benin on Germany in the sense of an intercultural exchange.
Purpose of the Statute shall be achieved through advice, funding and implementation of individual projects.
2. The Association is active and he does not pursue primarily its own, but solely and directly charitable purposes within the meaning of section "tax purposes" of the tax code.
3. Association funds may only be used for statutory purposes. The members receive no compensation from the funds of the association. No person shall be favored by disproportionately high remuneration or expenses that are the purpose of the association.
4. The assisition is run according to democratic principles.

§ 3 - Acquisition of membership
1. Member of the Association may be any natural person who is the 16th Age has completed.
2. Legal persons may be admitted as supporting members.
3. The admission to the Association's request in writing to the Board. The Board decides on the application. If he will not agree to the request, a decision thereon, the next Annual General Meeting.
4. On the proposal of the Board, the meeting may take meritorious promoters of development projects as honorary members into the assosiation.

§ 4 - Termination of Membership
1. Membership in the association ends by death, resignation or expulsion.
2. The withdrawal is to be declared in writing to the Board. The withdrawal can be explained by a period of four weeks to the end of the month. Already a paid membership fees will remain at the assosiation.

§ 5 - Rights and Duties of Members
1. Each member has the right, in support of third-world aid projects
actively involved and participate in joint events. Each member has equal voice and vote in the General Assembly.
2. Each member has a duty to promote the interests of the association, particularly
regularly to ensure its membership and, if it is in his power to support events through his participation.

§ 6 - Membership
1. Each member has to pay a membership fee.
2. The amount of the membership fee is set by the General Assembly and is derived from the fee regulations.
The General Assembly may exempt certain individuals or groups by order of the contributions.

§ 7 - Organs of the Association
Organs of the Association are the Board and the General Assembly.

§ 8 - Board
1. The board of the association is responsible to represent the association and the conduct of its business. It has the following duties:
a) the convening of general meetings and preparation, including
Setting the agenda,
b) the execution of decisions of the members,
c) the management of assets and the preparation of the annual report,
d) the admission of new members.
2. The Board consists of the chairperson, his or his deputy-in and the Treasurer-in. This represented the club and out of court within the meaning of § 26 BGB.
The Chair has sole power. The / The Vice-Chairman and the Treasurer to represent the Association in common.
3. The members of the Board are elected individually by the General Assembly for a term of two years. Members of the Board may only be members of the association, with the termination of membership in the Association terminates the membership of the Board. The re-election or the early dismissal of a member by the General Assembly shall be permitted. A member remains at the end of the regular term of office until the election of his successor in office. If a member leaves prematurely from the board, the remaining members are entitled to elect one member of the club until the election of a successor by the members of the Board.
4. The Board shall meet as required. The meetings will be convened by the Chairman, in his absence by his deputy. Convening a period of one week should be respected. The Board has a quorum if at least two members are present. When taking decisions decided by the majority of the valid votes. In a tied vote, the vote of the Chairman, in his absence to his deputy.
5. The decisions of the Board are recorded. The protocol is signed by the secretary and the chairman, in his absence by his deputy or another member of the board.

§ 9 - General Meeting
1. The General Assembly is responsible for the decisions in the following matters:
a) Amendments to the Statute,
b) the dissolution of the association,
c) the admission of new members of the association in the cases of § 3, No. 3, sentence 3, the appointment of honorary members, and the exclusion of members from the Association
d) the election and dismissal of members of the Board and the election of the treasury inspector /-in (this / should this not the board nor a committee appointed by the board members and not Employee of the association be-r),
e) receiving the annual report and the discharge of the Board,
f setting) of the membership.
2. At least once a year, preferably in the first half, the Board is to convene an ordinary general meeting. The meeting is called by giving notice in writing of two weeks and stating the agenda.
3. The agenda is set by the Board. Each club member may request in writing no later than three days before the members at the executive committee complements the agenda. The board decides on the request. On motions to the agenda that were not included by the Board or which are first lodged with the members, the members decide by majority vote of members present, except for requests to amend the Constitution, the dissolution of the association or the change of membership in approach.
4. The Board shall convene an extraordinary general meeting if required by the interests of the club, or if at least 25% of the members of the written request stating the purpose and reasons. Where the circumstances permit, comply with a summons within two weeks and announce the agenda with the invitation.
5. The General Assembly is chaired by the Chairman, in his absence by his deputy, and in his absence by one by the General Assembly to be elected chairman.
6. The General Assembly has a quorum regardless of the number of members present.
7. The general assembly decided in an open vote by a majority vote of members present. If no candidate for election a majority of votes of members present to unite themselves, has been elected, who the majority of the valid votes received, from among several candidates, a runoff is carried out. Abstentions are regarded as invalid votes. Decisions to amend the Constitution and the dissolution of the Association require a majority of three fourths of the members present.
8. Over the course of the meeting and the decisions adopted a protocol is to be finished. This is be signed by the clerk and the Assembly leader.

§ 10 - auditors
1. About the Members' a / an auditors Technician for a period of 2 years to be elected.
2. The / The auditors / check-in has the task of accounting documents and their proper accounting and use of funds and to determine in particular the statutory and proper use of funds. The audit did not extend to the appropriateness of the tasks made by the Board.
3. The / The auditors / f has to inform the members about the outcome of the cash audit.

§ 11 - Dissolution of the Association
1. In the event of dissolution of the Association are the Chairman of the Board and his deputy, together authorized liquidators, if the general assembly shall convene no other persons.
2. Upon the dissolution or disappearance of the tax purposes of the association is the Association's assets to the Foundation, German Agro Action, which shall use it directly and exclusively for charitable purposes within the meaning of § 2.

Founding members:

Birgitta Bahner, Sebastian Engler-Str. 4a, 77971 Kippenheim

Heinz Bahner, Sebastian Engler-Str. 4a, 77971 Kippenheim

Anneliese Braun, Schloßstr. 6, 77971 Kippenheim-Schmieheim

Klaus Braun, Schloßstr. 6, 77971 Kippenheim-Schmieheim

Jutta Joerger, Blumenstr. 16, 77971 Kippenheim

Cilli Schmitz, Friedhofstr. 40, 77933 Lahr

Michael Bahner, Sebastian Engler-Str. 4a, 77971 Kippenheim

Kippenheim, 09 July 2009