Here you can find some pictures out of the region between Possotome in the South
and Dogbo in the North as well as out of the "black soil area" in the East of Lobogo.

Pictures: Bahner, Bunte (with courtesy), Centre de Nutrition (with courtesy)
Markt in Come
The pictures have been taken in 1993-1995.
In the meantime no important changes have happened.
Some villages became bigger, some streets got wider...
Market in Comé
The market offers not only everything neccessary for life, it also is a source of information (or even the only one). Here you get information about who was born, who died and of course everything else important.
Markt in Lobogo
Market in Lobogo.
For the Black-soil-area it provides the only possibility to get supplies in a distance up to 10 -15 km. To visit the market often marches up to 4 hours are required.
guter Weg guter Weg aber schmal

On the way into the black soil area.
The street is still good.

Weg Maisfeld
A cornfield.
One has to pass through here.
Weg 20cm in das  Schwarzerdegebiet Weg noch erkennbar
Slowly it becomes more narrow
Weg ist weg Haus unter Palme
... in front there it has to be!
The first roof.
Dorf mit Strohdächern
A settlement.
 Küche am Haus
A typical kitchen.
Picture above:
One of four classrooms of the school of Lobogo-Tanve.
After each rain-season the school has to be rebuildet.
During this time there are no lessons.
Schule in Lobogo - Tanve

Each student has to bring some water in the morning.
It is used for drinking and cooking.
Before it can be used, the dirt has to sink down to the bottom.
Here illnesses are expected.


A well like this is desired, but,
unfortunately, in the black soil area unusable.
The groundwater here is over 100 meters below the surface.