Membership Fees for the club
"Chance for Benin e. V."

§ 1 Extent of the contributions
The regular fee is € 12 per calendar year.

§ 2 Discount
A reduction or waiver of a part or the whole post is for students, unemployed and welfare
recipients granted on request.

§ 3 Due
The subscription is for each January 1st and with the adoption of
Application for inclusion in the full amount due, in the year of founation with registration of the association
in the register of associations.

§ 4 Payment
1. The payment of the contribution made by direct debit. By special request
the contribution may be paid by bank transfer. The Membership number has to be declared.
2. Alternatively to paragraph 1 may also be a cash payment to the Treasurer, if he accept this at this time.

§ 5 Admission Fees
Admission fees are not collected.

Decided at the inaugural meeting on 09 July 2009